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The Time to Act is Now!

Every year over 200,000 preventable deaths happen in the United States. That's the equivalent of 20 jumbo jets going down every week for a year.

In "Find the Black Box", author and speaker, Dr. Ira Williams, details the solution to the health care crisis in the United States that no one else is talking about; how to prevent the needless deaths in our hospitals and clinics by changing the way health care is managed and administered in the USA.


Is a challenge to every quality of healthcare expert


Almost every attempt to make patient care better. There are clearly evident REASONS why patient safety improvement efforts have failed, and will continue to fail, but no one talks about those REASONS.


Promises are NOT being kept, and NO source of greater patient safety efforts can defend their track record of the past two decades.

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“Dr. Ira Williams’ book … is not only an excellent examination of the current problems in the American healthcare system, but also the description of a possible solution. The book is clear-cut and straightforward in the remedies it offers, breaking down complex issues in such a way that they are understandable to any reader, and then illustrating clearly the ways these issues can be addressed. … It is both very informative and highly engaging while also being rather convincing in its argument. Dr. Williams’ book has the potential to change a lot of minds about the way healthcare is viewed in the United States today.”

—Denis Boyles, author and editor